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2016 Planning and Development

Zoning Designations Key : M-Industrial- To provide areas for the establishment of businesses engaged in the manufacturing, processing, creating, repairing, renovating, painting, cleaning, or assembling of goods, merchandise, or equipment and the sale and distribution of such goods, merchandise or equipment in locations so designated in the comprehensive plan.

OI-Office Institutional– To provide convenient areas within the county for the location of office and institutional uses which are necessary for the residents and business and professional practitioners within the County

C1 Local Commercial– To provide convenient local retail shopping and service areas within the county for all residents

C2 General Commercial– To provide convenient general business and commercial service areas within the county for all residents

MR1 Medium Density Residential– To encourage primarily residential, planned developments that allow accessory retail, office, institutional, and civic uses;

MU5 Mixed-Use Very High Density– To encourage the development of master or comprehensively planned, mixed-use developments;

RE Residential Estate-To preserve rural and estate residential character and to provide for very low density rural residential uses.

RSM Small Lot Residential Mix– To provide for the creation of residential neighborhoods that allow a mix of single-family attached and detached housing options

The two charts above show the amount of development that took place in District 5 during the year 2016. The Rezone Calendar Approvals show that District 5 has three rezoning approvals for the year 2016.

The pie chart below shows the amount of Land Development Permits for each District for the year of 2016. During that time period, District 5 attained 31 permits, making it the second highest amount of any of the Commissioner Districts, only trailing behind District 2’s total number of permits by 9. More information on planning and development activity may be found in the DeKalb County Annual Development Report.