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The Flat Rock Archives is a research center containing records, artifacts, and historical information about the African American slaves, former slaves, and their descendants. The archives are currently open to the public every Tuesday.

Flat Rock

The Lyon Farm was settled around 1800 by a Revolutionary War soldier on land ceded by the Creek Nation. The Lyon family lived on the property until 2006 and farmed there into modern times. Through their occupancy, they encountered native people, owned slaves and worked the land through a variety of farming techniques.

 Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve is rich in natural wonders that drew Native American travelers and traders, settlers looking for new land after the Creek succession, freed slaves, and a group of Trappist monks. The people who came here forged interesting tales and the evidence they left behind illustrates the complexity of Native, African-American and Anglo communities.

Davidson-Arabia Mountain

The Vaughters’ Farm Meadow Loop is a 1.25 mile trail which was completed thanks to a generous grant from REI. This easy unpaved trail is perfect for a quick getaway and offers unbeatable views of the Vaughters’ Barn, rolling hills, and grassy meadows.

Vaughters Farm

 Stonecrest Mall is a super-regional shopping mall in Stonecrest, Georgia along Interstate 20 in eastern metro Atlanta. The Mall of Stonecrest is off exit 75 on Interstate 20. The mall has over 300 businesses, employs over 4,000 people and caters to a diverse clientele.

Mall at Stone Crest

DeKalb Medical’s Hillandale location works to strengthen the link between DeKalb Medical and the community it serves through communication, education, service and charitable giving. The DeKalb Medical Foundation is dedicated to improving the standard of health in our community by raising funds and charitable gifts for healthcare initiatives offered through DeKalb Medical.

DeKalb Medical-Hillandale