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The Flat Rock Archives collects records and artifacts that document rural African American life and history in Flat Rock, GA, from the early nineteenth century to the present day. The Flat Rock Archives is a community archives and serves as a repository for records, artifacts, and family heirlooms donated by Flat Rock community members and individuals with personal ties to Flat Rock. Records and artifacts may be in paper, visual, digital, or three-dimensional formats and cover a variety of of subject areas including genealogy, religion, education, civil rights, Georgia history, agriculture, and community service. In addition, the Archives strives to document how African American life in Flat Rock intersects and compares with African American life in Georgia as a whole; therefore, the Archives collects records from outside the Flat Rock community that provide new or additional insight into the history and/or experiences of African Americans in Flat Rock. For more information about Flat Rock Archives click here.