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  • Location: Central portion of the county.
  • Commission Districts 4 & 5
  • Super District 6 & 7
  • Small Area Plan (SAP): Kensington LCI and Supplemental Plan
  • Implementation Tool: Memorial Drive Overlay District

The Kensington Activity Center derives from the Kensington LCI Study. The core of the study is the Kensington MARTA Station. Some of the goals of the plan:

  • Encourage diversity of mixed income neighborhoods, employment, and recreational choices
  • Provide access to a wide range of travel modes, including transit, walking and biking.
  • Develop an outreach process that promotes involvement of all stakeholders. Land Use recommendations from the study are being used as policy guidelines in  the comprehensive plan.

The Livable Centers Initiative (“LCI”) is a program that awards planning grants on a competitive basis to local governments and nonprofit organizations to prepare and implement plans for the enhancement of existing centers and corridors consistent with regional development policies, and also provides transportation infrastructure funding for projects identified in the LCI plans.

Master Plan Goals of the Kensington LCI :

  • Encourage a diversity of medium to high-density, mixed-income neighborhoods, employment, shopping and recreation choices in the study area. .
  • Through transportation investments, increase the desirability of redevelopment of land served by existing infrastructure in the study area
  • Develop a community-based transportation investment program in the study area that will identify capital projects, which can be funded in the annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The Kensington LCI Key Future Developments:

  • Government Center 
  • Atlanta United Football Club Headquarters 
  • Transit Oriented Development (“TOD”) Target Area 
  • Hotels and Retail Anchors