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DeKalb County to Hold Parks Citizens Advisory Board Meeting Sept. 27

DeKalb County Voter Registration and

Elections Board to Meet Oct. 13

DECATUR, Ga.— The DeKalb Board of Registration and Elections meeting for the
purpose of conducting its normal monthly business will be held on Thursday, Oct. 13,
2022, at 4:30 p.m.
This meeting will be conducted via teleconference (Zoom). Simultaneous public access
to the meeting will be available via livestream on DCTV’s UStream channel at

To make a public comment, join via Zoom:
or dial in via phone toll free at 888-270-9936 and use conference code: 171493.

Public comments of two minutes or less may be made live via the teleconference. For
those joining the meeting by telephone, please be aware that phone numbers may be
displayed to the public viewing or participating in the online meeting. Citizens who
attend the meeting via the Zoom link above may join the public comment queue by
raising their hand in the Zoom application, while citizens who attend the meeting via
telephone may join the comment queue by pressing # followed by 2. There will be no
comment cards, so when called upon, citizens are asked to state their name and
address for the record. Also, please be conscious of speaking time so that everyone
has an opportunity to provide input in the allotted time. Abusive, profane, or derogatory
language will not be permitted.