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The purpose of the District 5 Beautification Mini-Grant program is to assist Homeowner’s and Community organizations located in the district to make improvements to the overall appearance of the district and surrounding community. The goal of the grant program is to enhance the sense of community, environmental wellness, and improve the quality of life throughout District 5.

To qualify for this grant and receive funding, the HOA or community organization must be an established entity. NO GRANTS WILL BE AWARDED TO INDIVIDUALS. Applying communities must be in District 5. To verify your Commission District, please use the link to access the “Find My Commissioner” tool:


We understand that each community has unique needs. This grant program was created to help encourage community members to take pride in and responsibility for their property/neighborhoods. Examples of qualifying improvements include sign replacement and restoration, landscaping, façade improvement, tree planting, curb painting and repairs.


  • In order to qualify for grant funds, the applicant must fully complete a District 5 beautification mini-grant program application. It should be submitted to no later than May 15th, 2023 for general applicants. The applicant must be an HOA (Home-owner’s association) Mandatory, Voluntary or Residential Civic Association. No grants will be awarded to individual persons.
  • Once complete, the application will be reviewed for completion in its entirety. One approved application per community. Projects will only be approved as the funds are available.
  • The application can be found on Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson’s website under the “Keep DeKalb Beautiful” tab.
  • Each organization who receives funding must volunteer for a minimum of (2) community clean-ups in the district.

Download the application below: