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Weekly Newsletter September 1

Greetings District 5 Family, Friends, and Neighbors:

I hope that you had a productive week. As we approach the Labor Day weekend, we extend our gratitude and appreciation to our employees for their hard work and dedication to our DeKalb citizens.

I would like to take a point of personal privilege and congratulate our DeKalb County Fire Chief, Darnell Fullum on being named the Georgia Chief of the Year by the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs, this week. We appreciate Chief Fullum’s leadership and dedication to DeKalb County.

In the spirit of celebration, I would also like to recognize our DeKalb County IT Department led by CIO John Matelski on being named the number two IT Department in the United States of America. We are certainly fortunate and blessed in DeKalb to have outstanding departments.

This week, we had a very informative presentation and great community engagement meeting on SPLOST II. Thank you to our administration and SPLOST Team for an excellent presentation. If you were unable to attend, please click here to view our meeting. 

In this week’s newsletter edition, don’t miss information on our sanitation holiday collection schedule, job opportunities and other resources that may be of benefit to you. Please feel free to share this week’s updates with your family, friends and neighbors and I hope that you enjoy your Labor Day weekend. 

With gratitude and warm regards,